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Bovine's largest bag. The one and only to take away with you for a weekend or more. 

Made from Italian Vege Tan leather.

Available in black and brown.


The Overnighter. The name says it all! This is the perfect bag to carry all you need for an overight stay. 

Made from Italian Vege Tan leather.

Available in black and brown.




The Messenger is for the stylish urban man. Looks smart for work or uni. Ideal size to carry around town. 

Made from double-butt leather. 

Available in black and brown.


Behind the Scenes

The making of a hide Overnighter bag at Bovine.


How Bovine bags are made

By Arran Gemmell

My family has a long history as the premium shoe and bag repairers in Auckland, New Zealand. From an early age I learned the art and craft of leather repairs. I was taught old school techniques using antique machinery and tools. I love working with leather and the durability it brings to a bag. Nothing like a good hearty bag. So I started making these bags in my spare time.  Thus, Bovine was created.

Each bag in The Range has been inspired by my own personal journey.

Bovine Satchel

Working as a bag repairer, I noticed there were not many bags around that suited me or my lifestyle.

I started with making satchels. Easy to wear and perfect for what I needed back then. Me, my wallet, phone and keys. Something to head out to work in and carry on to the pub after, still looking stylish at the same time. I started a few Maori design patterns to add even more from my own roots. Not long after the boys were all asking for one too.

Bovine Bags - Overnighter

Next I needed a bag to pack for the weekend. I don’t pack much or go too far from home. I needed the perfect bag to shoot to the bach.

In came The Overnighter. I’d pack The Overnighter, throw in some beers, load my surfboard and head off.

When I get the chance to travel further afield, I take The Overnighter as my carry-on luggage. It's the perfect size for carry-on. 

The Weekender

I noticed how much extra my wife always packed when we went away! She always insisted on packing her hair dryer, makeup and all those other bits and bobs.

I decided to make her something a little larger - The Weekender.

This bag also came in handy for boy's golf trips and heading to music festivals.

Bovine Backpack

A couple of years down the track I needed a bag to take on my Harley. I also got into long-boarding and needed something easier to carry.

Then our daughter came along and I realised the need to carry around a lot more than just my wallet, phone and keys. In came The Backpack. 

The Backpack quickly turned from an accessory to go with my hobbies to a work bag with my packed lunch!

Bovine Bags - The Tote

The idea for The Tote came to me one day when I was sitting in traffic on Queen Street during peak business hours.

I saw a very suave businessman dressed to the nines from head to toe. Sadly he was carrying all his gear in grocery bags. I thought; "if only this guy had a big leather day bag to carry all his stuff." I went home that night and designed The Tote.

The Tote is my favorite bag. I believe it to be my most stylish-looking yet practical design. It is the most used bag in our house. My family can put all their gear in it when we head out for a day trip. It fits all the kids jumpers and PJ’s in and still ample room for a few beers and a bottle of wine.


That is Bovine as it stands at the moment and my inspiration for making our current range.

It is our story and what we are all about; family, friends, quality, style and, of course, Leather.


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